This is from our financial agreement & describes the different payment options we have for your treatment.


Payment Type: ___Cash/Card ____Insured ___Government Plan ___Savings Plan
  • Half Down: 50% of the amount due for visit is required when scheduling. The balance is due at visit.
  • Easy Pay: Credit card or debit card is billed in installments until your out-of-pocket amount is paid.  Then we will schedule you for treatment.
  • Amount billed = $_________ per ____ week  ____ month for a total of $__________
  • Multi Visit: Pay over several visits ___2  ___3  ___4 to complete work: Due each visit: $__________
  • CareCredit: Offered for amounts over $1000. 12-month interest-free financing upon credit approval. After the account is set up, we will schedule your visit. Caution: never be late with a payment! You will owe all interest that was complimentarily waived if you are ever late on a payment. Please read your contract.
  • Your co-payment is due when you schedule your treatment.

Options for Financing Your Dental Treatment

Our In-House Savings Plan